Professional Gateway Customs Brokers

Based in Sydney, the vastly experienced team here at Interfreight International are committed to providing our wide range of clients with the best in quick and efficient customs agency services. As one of the primary major services our professional and internationally-bound freight forwarding company offers, we pride ourselves on our superior ability to assist you and your business with the vast array of formalities applicable to proper and legal gateway customs clearance.  Our highly trained customs brokers and clearance agents effectively serve as gateway brokers you can count on: the close knit team of dependable staff employed by our agency are more than able to handle a variety of matters pertaining to expedient customs clearance, meaning that your goods will get to their destinations fast, safe, and sound.

When it comes to an industry-leading agency that offers expert custom brokerage services, look no further than Sydney’s Interfreight International: we’ll be sure to take the hassle out of putting your goods through customs while dealing with every single aspect of both the import and export procedure. We cover quarantines, negotiate tariffs, calculate duties, excises, and taxes as well as prepare all the necessary documents and electronic submissions, so you don’t have to. Working by both sea and air all across the globe enables us to offer our premium customs clearances services to businesses and clients seeking to tap into the far-reaching and lucrative international market.

Give your goods the boost they need to make a splash overseas from right here at home – wherever that may be. Fully licensed by the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, Interfreight International can assist you with:

  • Classifying your goods according to customs regulations
  • Obtaining the relevant paperwork and necessary permits
  • Processing your individual customs entry within a ‘compile’ system
  • Paying the applicable duties and taxes

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